July 2021

To the Calgary Jewish Community,

The Alberta government has announced that COVID-19 restrictions are to be lifted July 1.  It is gratifying to see the progress being made in dealing with the pandemic and the drop in overall case counts.  However, it remains a concern that the Delta variant case count is rising and is predicted by many to soon become the dominant strain.  The data is not yet clear what the risk of infection and/or transmission is from this variant even if people are fully immunized. What we have seen over the past 16 months though, is when the size of gatherings increases, there is a higher risk of transmission.

The Chevra Kadisha’s priority continues to be the protection of the community and our volunteers.  When in doubt, we have chosen to err on the side of added safety until it is clear that we can safely ease up on restrictions.  Therefore, effective July 1, we are implementing the following:

​   · the chapel will remain closed as it is impractical to sanitize the building after every use;
   · the size of permitted gatherings at the cemeteries for funerals and unveilings will be increased to 40 (not including staff), but all services will remain graveside;
  · everyone attending a service will be required to wear a mask, and anyone participating in the mitzvah of burial will be asked to wear gloves;
  · we will review these requirements again later in the summer and consider further changes if the number of Delta variant cases decreases.

We understand the anguish mourning families experience when they must restrict attendance at the funeral or unveiling of their loved ones.  We appreciate the cooperation the community has shown thus far and ask that they continue to be patient a while longer.

We will continue to keep the community updated and will advise as soon as we feel safe in changing our restrictions.

Until then, we wish everyone good health.



In view of the construction of the Calgary South West Ring Road and the permanent Road Closure of 37th Street SW at  Highway 22X ( September 21/2020), the Chevra Kadisha wishes to inform the community of the following updated  “Road Way Access”:
1. Driving West on Anderson Road:
*follow 201 South/ Tsuutina Trail…follow to
*Fishcreek Blvd./ Access…then
*Turn “Right” at Fishcreek Blvd./ 146 Avenue/ EXIT 13…follow to
*37th Street turn-off… turn “LEFT” onto 37th Street and follow to the 37th Street Cemetery/ Chevra Kadisha.
2. Driving by Macleod Trail /West on Highway 22X:
* 22X Westbound to Sheriff King Road…turn/access “RIGHT” …follow to
* James McKevitt Road and turn “RIGHT” onto  it…..follow to
* Fishcreek Blvd. and turn “LEFT” onto Fishcreek Blvd. …continue on as it becomes 146 Avenue….follow to
* 37th Street and turn “LEFT” …follow to the 37th Street Cemetery/ Chevra Kadisha
The General Contractor for the Ring Road, KGL Construction, has provided a site with the most recent revisions:

(click on links below to view a map of the roadways)

37th Street Closure Advisory – Rev1

If you have any questions please contact the Chevra Kadisha (403) 244-4717
 Best wishes for a happy, healthy & prosperous ‘5781




A Voluntary Service to The Jewish Community

The Chevra Kadisha, literally “The Holy Society,” is Calgary’s oldest Jewish communal organization.

Its mandate to provide Jewish burial services and is the continuation of an age-old tradition of burying the dead with dignity, with proper ritual, and as a communal service. Over a thousand burials have been conducted by the Calgary Chevra Kadisha over a 112 year period, all by dedicated volunteers from every spectrum of the community.


The Chevra Kadisha was formed in 1904 when Calgary had only a few Jewish families. An infant, Goldie Bell, died. Her father, Nathan Bell, and Jacob Diamond approached the City and the Jews of Calgary purchased a small plot adjacent to Union Cemetery on 30th Avenue S., on what is now Macleod Trail.

The “Hebrew Burying Ground” cost the tiny Jewish community $160, a substantial sum for the time. There was one burial in 1904 and one in 1906, and there were seven in 1907. The original plot of land was expanded in 1907, and again in 1909.

When the Congregation House of Jacob was formed in 1907, the Chevra Kadisha was carried on by a synagogue committee (with essentially the same leadership). The community was growing rapidly, and in 1914 the Chevra Kadisha was incorporated as an independent society. First President was Charles Malkin.

Funeral services were conducted in a small building on the cemetery site, from private homes, and later at cooperating funeral homes.

The original cemetery continued to expand, and in 1943, the Chevra Kadisha took over management of a Jewish section of Queen’s Park Cemetery. In 1976, a third Jewish cemetery opened, and is owned and operated by the Beth Tzedec Synagogue.

In 1961, the Chevra Kadisha opened its own funeral chapel on 17th Avenue W. The Chevra Kadisha is now located at the North East corner of Highway 22X and 37 Street SW.  Here women and men still religiously perform Tahara – the ritual care and preparation of the deceased – arrange the memorial service, and supervise burial.

It is a labour of love, and a dedication to faith and community.

101, 17818 – 37 Street SW, T2Y 0M9
Corner of 37 Street SW and Highway 22x ( Spruce Meadow Trail)

PHONE: 403-244-4717 (24 Hours)

President Bill Aizanman received a Shem Tov award from Calgary Jewish Federation president Bruce Libin June 21, 2017 in recognition of his years of service. Bill has been a Chevra Kadisha executive member for 26 years, serving as president for 23 years.

(NB:  Since this photo was taken, Bill retired as president and is now Lifetime Honourary President.)