When a member of our community passes away help is needed at various steps of the burial process. This may include pall bearers, grave fillers and members of the minyan at the funeral service.  There are members of our community who may not be very well connected to others. Some live more independently and some are new to our community. These are examples of the important times we rely on volunteer support.  If you are a member of the Jewish community, your schedule is flexible and you are able-bodied, please consider volunteering.  Please contact the Chevra Kadisha at 403-244-4717 or email to info@chevraofcalgary.org.

Calgary Chevra Kadisha is proud to be one of the few remaining such organizations whose work is done primarily by volunteers. We welcome inquiries from the Jewish community about volunteer opportunities.

We remain one of the few organizations still hand sewing our funeral shrouds (tachrichim).  To volunteer for the women’s sewing group or the women’s Tahara group, contact the office (403-244-4717) to be directed to the women’s chair.

To volunteer for the men’s Tahara group, contact the office (403-244-4717) to be directed to the men’s co-chairs.